Broadband structure-borne sound und temperature sensor


  • Frequency range: 20 to 100 kHz
  • Applications: Condition monitoring and steam trap testing
  • Exchangeable waveguides
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Infrared thermometer for an object temperature of -70 to +380°C
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The BS20 structure-borne sound and temperature sensor with accessories for different testing work has been specially designed for the following tasks:

  • Status monitoring of machines and systems
  • Function checking of steam traps and valves
  • Monitoring of bearing wear and malfunction
  • Monitoring of lubrication conditions

Frequency range 20 to 100 kHz 

Simultaneous analysis of the ultrasound frequency range between 20 to 100 kHz

Integrated infrared temperature sensor

The integrated infrared temperature sensor allows for contactless and quick recording of the test object's surface temperature. The size of the visual recording field depends on the distance between the sensor and the test object.

LED lights

The LED lights act as a torch, making it easier to connect the sensor to test points in poorly lit environments.



Long waveguide BS20-2

Applications: Tests on hard-to-access points

Magnetic waveguide BS20-3

Applications: For connection at the test point for long-term testing and for ensuring even contact pressure


Wrench set

for assembling and disassembling waveguides


Technical Data

Structure-borne sound & temperature sensor

Device design

Contact sensor for detection of structure-borne ultrasound, interchangeable waveguides, contactless infrared temperature sensor, LED-light


Via keys on sensor or via SONAPHONE touchscreen 
start/stop measurements
LED light

(W x H x D)

30 x 155 x 30 mm


140 g­­­

Temperature range

Storing temperature: -20 to +65 °C
Operating temperature: -10 to +65 °C 

Protection class


Frequency range

20 to 100 kHz

Temperature range

-70 to +380 °C object temperature


Ultrasound: 1 dB
Temperature: 1 K


Cable connection to SONAPHONE
Length coiled cable: 160 cm


Long Waveguide:
Length: 150 mm
Diameter: 18 mm
Weight: 15 g