Wafer Cleaning in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Liquid Flow Measurement with SEMIFLOW® Sensors in Wafer Cleaning Processes

In the complex processes of semiconductor manufacturing, wafer cleaning is a critical step to ensure the flawless performance of microchips. Liquid flow measurement plays a critical role in this process, ensuring precision and efficiency.

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Wafer Cleaning in Semiconductor Manufacturing through Liquid Flow Measurement

Liquid Flow Measurement Supports Wafer Cleaning Process

Cleaning Solutions for Wafer Cleaning

Semiconductor manufacturers use various cleaning solutions, including isopropyl alcohol (IPA), SC1 and SC2, as well as Piranha etch, to remove impurities from wafers. These solutions are delivered via a Liquid Delivery System (LDS), which precisely controls the flow rates. At this point, highly accurate SEMIFLOW flow sensors measure the exact flow rate and flow volume of the liquid to ensure the efficient and resource-saving use of chemicals, e.g., for etching in acid bath applications.

Wafer Cleaning Process Steps

The wafer cleaning process often involves several stations, such as the wet bench, where wafers are immersed in cleaning solutions, followed by rinsing and drying phases. RCA cleaning, spin-etching, and Piranha etch techniques further refine the cleaning process and remove stubborn residues. In all these phases, precise liquid flow measurement ensures even distribution of the cleaning solvents, preventing damage to the sensitive wafers.

Finally, the wafers are subjected to a spin dryer to remove excess moisture and ensure a perfect surface. Liquid flow measurement technology supports these processes and ensures the reliability and quality of semiconductor manufacturing.

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