Ultrasonic Bubble Sensor

SONOCHECK® ABD for Medical Applications With Very High Safety Requirements

The non-invasive SONOCHECK bubble sensor series of ABD05 and ABD07 have been specifically designed for very high safety requirements in medical device applications. The smart sensors are applied to detect air and gas bubbles in flexible plastic tubes filled with liquids such as blood, blood plasma, water or saline solution or are used for wet / dry alarm notifications. In most medical applications, the sensors are intended to protect patients from dangerous air infusions.

For non-contact air bubble detection for deployment in industrial and bioprocessing applications the SONOCHECK ABD06 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Bubble Detector is the perfect solution.

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Product Benefits

  • Different safety concepts
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Compact & modular design
  • Built-in electronics, no external electronic board required
  • Application-specific microbubble detection
  • No coupling medium required
  • No wear and tear
  • Optional software for parameterization and testing

SONOCHECK® ABD Ultrasonic Bubble Sensor: Application Fields

  • Blood separators
  • Pumps for medical technology (infusion, heart, feeding, contrast medium)
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Organ transport

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