EtherNet/IP Gateway

Connecting SONOFLOW® and SEMIFLOW® Sensors to a PLC Controller

The EtherNet/IP Gateway efficiently connects up to 12 SONOFLOW or SEMIFLOW ultrasonic clamp-on or inline flow meters to a PLC controller in an EtherNet-based system environment. The widely accepted EtherNet/IP protocol allows reliable real-time communication and data exchange between the sensors and the PLC. The EtherNet/IP Gateway offers a number of standard parameters and commands, which can be selected according to the application requirements.

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Product Benefits

  • Future proof Industry 4.0 feature for lab digitization
  • Fast, precise and reliable continuous real-time process monitoring and controlling
  • Maximized system uptime and reduced operational costs
  • Pre-configured parameters and commands for convenient implementation
  • Connection of up to 12 ultrasonic clamp-on or inline flow meters
  • Industry-wide accepted protocol

EtherNet/IP Gateway: Application Fields

  • Chemical industry

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