Acoustic Thermal Imager for Preventive Maintenance

Experience the world first: The SONASCREEN® IR combines the well-known features of the acoustic camera with a thermal imaging mode. It makes the most diverse sound sources audible and visible with an added thermal image for identifying damages or faults. With the SONASCREEN® IR acoustic camera, a wide variety of sound sources from the audible and ultrasonic range can be easily and quickly detected and visualized.

In addition, the SONASCREEN® also converts the inaudible ultrasound into an audible signal, which the user can hear via industrial headphones.

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Advantages at a Glance

Fast detection of sound sources in the audible and ultrasonic range (from 20 kHz to 100 kHz) even over long distances
Easy handling - no time-consuming training necessary
Wide frequency range (2 kHz – 100 kHz) allows detection of ultrasonic sources above typical industrial noise (typically up to 50 - 60 kHz)
Detection of fast moving sound sources e.g. leakages at robots due to a high resolution of 100 fps and global shutter function of the camera
Special preset (modes) for leakage detection and partial discharge detection (coming soon)
Suitable for industrial use due to encapsulated microphones (IP 54 / protection against water and dust)

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