FAQ-SW.1: Which database structure is used in the SONAPHONE DataSuite and how big is a data set?

In the SONAPHONE DataSuite web application, data is stored and managed in a central relational database. An H2 database management system is used as standard. The data are completely contained in the database file sonotec.mv.db (storage location in the folder "h2data" in the program directory). This enables i.a. the exchange between different software instances.

Dynamic data handling takes place in the H2 database, i.e. all changes made in the DataSuite are immediately persisted in the database. Important contents of the database schema are, for example:

  • Projects
  • Plant trees (IDs / attributes of all entries)
  • Routes and route points
  • Imported data sets from the Sonaphone:
    • Time signals (e.g. raw data, audio data)
    • Key figures (e.g. level values)
    • Context data (e.g. photo, text memo, voice memo)
  • Documentation (reports)
  • Users (roles and permissions)
  • Configurations and settings

The database size is primarily dependent on the data-intensive objects it contains (time signals, key metrics, context data, reports). The maximum size of the H2 database is approx. 4 TB. The following is an example of a data structure for which the database size is approximately 80 MB:

  • 1 project
  • 55 system entries (17 structure levels and 38 measuring points)
  • 26 images
  • 25 imported recordings (time signals) with a duration of 10 seconds

Further information on the SONAPHONE data set can be found in the FAQ-G4-SONAPHONE storage capacity.

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