Slurry Blending for Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Flow Measurement, Slurry Concentration Control, and Dispersion

In the field of chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP), the exact composition of the slurry is crucial. It involves the careful mixing of abrasive particles, chemical additives and deionized water to produce a homogenized slurry. Flow sensors play an important role in this complex process. By implementing SEMIFLOW flow meters, the volume ratios can be precisely and reliably monitored and controlled during slurry blending.

Featured Product: SEMIFLOW CO.65

Flow Measurement and Slurry Blending for CMP

Slurry Mixing Process

The slurry mixing process begins with accurate quantification of the flow rate, which facilitates the maintenance of an optimal slurry concentration. CMP integrity depends on realizing an ideal slurry, as deviations in particle size or chemical concentration can lead to performance degradation and costly defects in semiconductor wafers.

Distribution of Slurry

In addition, distribution of the slurry through complex slurry lines is a critical aspect of this process. Mixing at the point of use is another important phase where the final composition of the slurry must be closely controlled. This phase ensures that when the slurry reaches the semiconductor wafer, it has the exact properties required for effective material removal and surface planarization.

Slurry Dispensing with Non-Contact Flow Sensors

To achieve the required slurry composition for point-of-use dispensing, companies are increasingly using non-contact flow meters such as SEMIFLOW CO.65. Flow measurement is central to ensuring consistency and reliability of the CMP process. Precision in mixing abrasives and chemicals is a fundamental requirement in the dynamic environment of semiconductor manufacturing, ensuring the highest quality results in wafer planarization.

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