SONAPHONE Web- & App-Concept

With the SONAPHONE Web & App Concept, we offer software solutions that are precisely tailored to your respective ultrasonic applications in preventive maintenance. Choose between the general LevelMeter app, and the application specific apps LeakExpert for leak detection and SteamExpert for testing steam traps at the ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE.

The PC software SONAPHONE DataSuite is used to store, analyze and manage the ultrasonic tests. It is the central data hub for all measurement data recorded. The software suite is available in three versions (Viewer, Desktop and Server) as well as the special SteamExpert module.

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SONAPHONE E Applications


Preventive Maintenance DataSuite


Professional Maintenance Software Routing | Trending | Reporting

Maintenance MySonaphone

Customer Portal

Latest software releases | Support | FAQs | Tutorials


LevelMeter App Icon


App on SONAPHONE for Basic Maintenance Tasks

LeakExpert Icon


App on the SONAPHONE for Leak Detection and Quantification

SteamExpert App


App on SONAPHONE for Steam Trap Testing

AssetExpert Icon


App for Route-based Data Capturing and Onsite Evaluation of Asset Health

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