Liquid Flow Measurement in Photolithography

High-Precision SEMIFLOW® Clamp-On Flow Meters Are Central in Wafer Fabrication

Photolithography plays a crucial role in wafer fabrication, enabling the creation of intricate microstructures on semiconductor wafers. Central to this process is the precise measurement of liquid flow rates during the various phases. High-precision clamp-on flow meters have proven to be indispensable tools in this regard.

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Precise Liquid Flow Measurement in Photolithography Processes

The Photolithography Process in Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing

In photolithography, the application of light-sensitive photoresist to the surface of the wafer through a process called spin coating is an important process step. Proper control of the flow rate ensures a uniform film thickness, which is essential for later fabrication of precise patterns.

A photomask is used to project the desired pattern onto the coated wafer. This is followed by thin-film deposition, which builds layers on the wafer, while mask cleaning is essential for pattern integrity. Accurate flow measurement contributes to the efficiency and quality of the entire photolithography process.

Mask cleaning uses strong solutions such as Piranha etch, which is known for its effectiveness in removing photoresist residues from silicon wafers. Measuring the flow rate with SEMIFLOW CO.65 flow sensors ensures controlled application of this solution and prevents damage to sensitive semiconductor structures.

Metal lift-off removes excess material, leaving behind the desired pattern. In all of these stages, clamp-on flow meters provide real-time data, ensuring the precise flow control required for optimal semiconductor manufacturing results. The combination of photolithography, accurate flow measurement and precise chemical treatments such as the Piranha solution is crucial for the manufacture of high-performance microelectronics.

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