Cygnus 1 EXCygnus 1 Ex
Cygnus 1 EXCygnus 1 Ex


  • Ideal for ultrasonic testing in potentially explosive areas
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Modern multiple echo technology


  • Reliably tests gas pipes, pipelines, oil tanks, pressure vessels, machine and steel components

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Wall thickness gage for UT in potentially explosive areas

The Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe is a rugged, shock-proof multiple echo ultrasonic surface thickness gauge designed for safely measuring metal thickness to determine wastage or corrosion in potentially explosive environments. By using multiple echo technology the metal thickness gauge measurements are error checked using 3 return echoes to provide repeatable, reliable results.


II 1G Ex ia IIC T2/T3/T6 Ga
I M1 Ex ia I Ma

Technical data

MaterialsSound velocities between 2000 m/s and 7000 m/s – covers virtually all common engineering materials
Measurement Range in Steel3 – 250 mm with 2.25 MHz probe 2 – 150 mm with 3.5 MHz probe 1 – 50 mm with 5 MHz probe
2 – 150 mm with 3.5 MHz probe
1 – 50 mm with 5 MHz probe
Accuracy±0.1 mm (±0.004”) or 0.1% of thickness measurement, whichever is greatest, when calibrated in accordance with Cygnus Instruments calibration procedure
Resolution0.1 or 0.05 mm (selectable)
DisplayLarge, bright LED display
Size235 x 75 mm
Operating Temp-10°C to +50°C
CertificationATEX {Ex} I M 1 Ex ia I Ma (Ta = 0 to 45 C) {EX} II 1 G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga (Ta = -20 to 40 C)CSA Class 1 Group A, B, C & D Division 1IECEx Ex ia IIC T2/T3/T6 Ga Ex ia I Ma
Environmental ProtectionIPX5


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