for LevelMeter App


  • Display of the LevelMeter recordings on the computer
  • Detailed depiction of the level curve, spectrogram and spectrum
  • Simultaneous playback of audio data
  • Display of the photos, notes and voice memos for the measurement data
  • CSV export of the measurement data

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Evaluation of test data recorded with the
LevelMeter app

The SONAPHONE DataViewer software can be used to evaluate test data recorded with the
LevelMeter app on a Windows PC or tablet.

Clear presentation

The folders and measurements selected when exporting test data are clearly listed together
with the associated photos, text comments and voice memos in order that individual
measurements can be retrieved more quickly.

Visualization and data processing

Recorded test data can be played back and is represented by means of suitable diagrams for
level graph and spectrogram. Individual areas can be focused on here over the time
progression of the test data, and can be exported for further processing.