SONAPHONE Data Suite & Asset Expert

Modular Software Environment

[Translate to English:] SONAPHONE Data Suite Screen[Translate to English:] SONAPHONE Report[Translate to English:] SONAPHONE Data Suite & Asset Expert
[Translate to English:] SONAPHONE Data Suite Screen[Translate to English:] SONAPHONE Report[Translate to English:] SONAPHONE Data Suite & Asset Expert

Advantages at a glance:

  • Managing route-based ultrasound data collection with handheld devices and/or permanently mounted sensors
  • Trending, displaying and analyzing broadband ultrasound signal information of a variety of measurement points and assets
  • Convenient synchronization with handheld data collector SONAPHONE and AssetExpert App
  • Meeting the demand of IIoT and Maintenance 4.0 with a modular web-based software architecture
  • Improve condition-based decision making by having all relevant ultrasound information in one dashboard

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    Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions to contribute Asset Health

    Industry 4.0 changes the requirements on technical solutions used to optimize processes and to increase operational reliability and plant availability. The state-of-the-art digital ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE® already supports customers in fulfilling maintenance tasks in various fields.

    The new modular software platform DataSuite is adding a central hub for the organization of maintenance processes around the SONAPHONE®. The DataSuite manages central tasks of a condition-based maintenance approach such as planning, trending, analyzing and documenting/reporting. The software hub ensures a trouble-free data exchange with the SONAPHONE®.

    Sonaphone® Product World - upgraded by a new Modular Software Hub

    Sonaphone® Data suite - Software facts & key features

    • Central Platform organizing the measuring data of a variety of measurement points
    • State-of-the-art web app and data display for standard web browsers - ready for desktop, server or cloud
    • Asset Tree & Route Planning - managing all relevant measuring points and assets in the facility for condition-based scheduling of maintenance activities
    • Dashboarding Measuring Point Details
    • Integrated Data Viewer - Displaying data and analyzing asset health figures using thresholds, alarm levels, status display and trending parameters
    • Integrated Data Analyzer - Documentation and tracking of maintenance activities
    SONAPHONE DataSuite

    Sonaphone® Asset Expert - App facts & key features

    • Specialized app for route-based data capturing and onsite evaluation of asset health
    • Easy synchronization with the SONAPHONE® Data Suite
    • Support of multiple applications
    • Direct support at to download updates & upgrades
    SONAPHONE AssetExpert

    Sonaphone® Data Suite & Asset Expert - The fully integrated data hub

    SONAPHONE DataSuite & AssetExpert Process Chart

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