Flow rate measurement with the SONOFLOW CO.55

Flow Rate Measurement

Flow sensors of the SONOFLOW series are designed to rapidly and reliably monitor real time flow rates in flexible tubes, to totalize volumes and/or to switch external devices such as pumps or valves. The sensors utilize the ultrasound time-of-flight measuring principle.

Detailed Product Information

SONOFLOW CO.55 Clamp-On Sensor

SONOFLOW CO.55 | Clamp-On-Sensor
...for contactless flow metering in flexible tubes



SONOFLOW IL.52 Inline-Sensor

SONOFLOW IL.52 | Inline-Sensor
......for precise measurement of low volume flow rates in pipes and tubes

SONOFLOW Monitor Software

SONOFLOW | Monitor Software
...to optimize parameter settings of the SONOFLOW flow sensors



SONOFLOW RD.10 Remote Display

SONOFLOW RD.10 | Remote Display
...monitoring the performance of the SONOFLOW sensors anywhere



Fluid Monitoring with SONOFLOW Sensors

The design of the non-invasive SONOFLOW CO.55 sensors eliminates contact with the medium being monitored, making it particularly suited to applications in which strict hygiene requirements are to be observed or aggressive liquids are applied. The SONOFLOW IL.52 sets new standards in ultra-low flow measurement operating flow rates as low as 0.4 ml/min and in dosing processes.

Both, clamp-on and in-line SONOFLOW sensors can be run with the SONOFLOW Remote Display for instant displaying of real-time-values and to remotely adjust sensor settings. The SONOFLOW Monitor Software enables an optimal parameterization and in-house calibration process of all SONOFLOW flow sensors.

In addition to the standard sensors, SONOTEC is able to develop and manufacture sensors for customer-specific applications as the design and evaluation algorithms can be adapted for specific requirements.

Infoguide | Basic Knowledge Ultrasound

Transit Time Method
...engineering and physical principles of non-invasive SONOFLOW sensors

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