Flow rate measurement with the SONOFLOW CO.55

Flow Rate Measurement

Flow sensors of the SONOFLOW series are designed for effective flow rate measurement on flexibles tubes. They rapidly and reliably measure the flow velocity and calculate real time flow rates of the liquids. Switching outputs allow the switching of external devices such as pumps or valves.

Flow Sensors | Flowmeter & Accessories

SONOFLOW CO.55 Clamp-On Sensor

SONOFLOW CO.55 | SEMIFLOW CO.65 | Clamp-On-Sensor
...for contactless flow metering at flexible tubes



SONOFLOW IL.52 Inline-Sensor

SONOFLOW IL.52 | Inline-Sensor
......for precise measurement of low volume flow rates in pipes and tubes

SONOFLOW | C³ Software

SONOFLOW | C³ Software
...to optimize parameter settings of the SONOFLOW | SEMIFLOW flow sensors

SONOFLOW RD.10 Remote Display

SONOFLOW RD.10 | Remote Display
...monitoring the performance of the SONOFLOW sensors anywhere



SONOFLOW Principle: Smart Sensoring the way you really need it!

Technology Insights

Ultrasonic Transit Time Method | SONOFLOW CO.55

Utilizing Ultrasonic Transit Time Principle

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