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There are numbers of critical process parameters in bioprocessing to be monitored and controlled by sensors. In this function, the smart devices perform a series of tasks in single-use environments

  • to secure stable processes,
  • to achieve higher degrees of automation,
  • to support the trend of continuous processing and
  • to assure high quality requirements and traceability.

With its fluid monitoring product brands SONOFLOW and SONOCHECK, SONOTEC offers both highly accurate non-invasive flow sensors and air bubble detectors for the use at flexible tubes. The hybrid FlowBubble sensor SONOFLOW CO.57 indeed, combines flow measurement and bubble detection in one compact device.

Application Notes & White Paper

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The advanced SONOFLOW clamp-on sensors, available both as state of the art flow sensors and combined FlowBubble sensors, have successfully proven its marketability in bioprocessing single-use and in life science applications and fulfil the industries’ high quality, safety and performance requirements. They are resistant to sterilization or gamma-irradiation, compatible to cleaning agents, easy to use, highly accurate, scalable from lab use to production, traceable and due to its reusability even a plus for efforts towards sustainability.

SONOWFLOW CO.55 & SONOWFLOW CO.57 sensor series

proven expertise in single-use applications, both for upstream & downstream monitoring processes

      Upstreaming          Downstreaming       
Media Prep … replacing scales for volume measurementBuffer Prep … replacing scales for volume measurement
Inoculation … injecting cell lines into the reactorChromatography … balancing acid/base delivery to the system
Bioreactor (Batch/Fed Batch/Conti-nuous/Perfusion) … feeding media/ nutrients, control flow into and out of the bioreactorFiltration (Tangential Flow Filtration) … measuring flow rates on feed, permeate or retentate lines
Centrifugation … determining flow/no flowFill/Finish … measuring volume of fluid dispensed into containers

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