A-/B-Scan Thickness Gage

SONOWALL 70SONOWALL 70 with hand strapSONOWALL 70 IP67 certifiedSONOWALL 70 flip screen technologySONOWALL 70 flaw detector modeSONOWALL 70 Corrosion Measurement at a Refinery
SONOWALL 70SONOWALL 70 with hand strapSONOWALL 70 IP67 certifiedSONOWALL 70 flip screen technologySONOWALL 70 flaw detector modeSONOWALL 70 Corrosion Measurement at a Refinery

Advantages at a glance:

  • High performance  & compact design
  • Flip-screen-feature simplifies usage
  • Robust aluminum casing, IP 67

For various thickness applications:

  • Corrosion testing - NEW SONOGRID software
  • Through-coat testing
  • Precision measurement

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Compact design and strong performance

The SONOWALL 70 thickness gauge is perfectly suited for various ultrasonic thickness applications. The robust aluminium casing with IP 67, a light weight of only 990g and high resolution anti-glare 5-inch graphic display make the SONOWALL 70 the ideal thickness gage in harsh test environments.

In addition to high performance, the focus during the development for SONOWALL 70 thickness gage was on intuitive handling and clear display of measurement results. An intuitive user interface, clearly structured menu, and the presentation of all menu items in full text simplify and accelerate the set-up and opertation of the device, and reduce the risk of incorrect settings. All relevant measurement values and device settings such as wall thickness, A- or B-Scan, and individually adjustable test parameters are apparent at a glance on the large display screen (800x489). Thanks to the innovative flip-screen technology, the device can be used with either hand for convenient working.

SONO-ID intelligent probe recognition

Intelligent probe identification

SONOWALL 70 is the first thickness gage in the market with intelligence probe identification. The extended probe management allows probe-specific information, such as DAC-curves, delay lines and serial numbers, to be saved directly in the probe.

In addition to various thickness applications, the device can be upgraded to a full-function flaw detector.

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SONOGRID Corrosion Management Software

Corrosion and erosion defects are among the most common safety risks and reasons for production break downs in industrial environments such as refineries, pipeline networks, chemical plants, offshore platforms, storage tanks, etc. In order to maintain assets and to avoid hazards, ultrasonic thickness measurements are typically recorded frequently at pre-defined points creating a virtual grid on the surface of the test object.
To help collect, organize and report readings efficiently, the SONOWALL 70 ultrasonic thickness gage can be equipped with the SONOGRID corrosion management software.

Structured data collection

Matrix creation | Linear, 2D and 3D for efficient data collection and test path visualization
Color coding | Visual indication of material condition and exceeded tolerances
Live comparison | Each point can be compared to previously logged point to estimate corrosion rates

Post processing

Data export and reporting | Excel (.xlsx file format) and optional SQLite database
Setup information | Detailed device settings for each logged point for maximum transparency
Unlimited text length | Clear labeling and description of measurement points

Technical data

  • Efficient and reliable matrix data collection
  • Visualization of test path through 3D grid creation
  • Live comparison function and corrosion rate estimation
  • Easy attachment of A-/B-scans and unlimited text comments
  • Reproducibility through grid copy function and device setup list
  • Direct data export to MS-Excel and custom report generation

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High temperature corrosion kit

A large part of ultrasonic thickness and corrosion measurements is carried out on hot test objects. These are mainly hot pipes in oil, gas and petrochemical industrial plants. Maximize your plant availability and productivity with the SONOWALL 70 high temperature corrosion kit.
The SONOWALL 70 High Temperature Corrosion Kit enables high temperature corrosion testing during operation with innovative ultrasonic technologies for manual inspections up to 550 °C.

Complete kit

  • SONOWALL 70 - High-End A-/B-scan thickness gage with powerful pulser up to 400 V
  • Temperature compensation - Function for automatic adjustment of the sound velocity of hot test objects
  • SONSOCAN TS5H Ultrasonic Probe - for precise high temperature measurements up to 550°C including armoured cable and handle extension
  • SONOGRID Corrosion Management Software - for efficient collection of linear/2D/3D matrix data
  • Heavy Duty Impact Protector Set - for maximum protection against shocks and drops


High temperature corrosion kit7.44 MB

Technical Data

StandardsDIN EN 15317, DIN EN 61326, ASTM E 1324, ASTM E 317
Operating temperature-20 to +60°C
Screen5'' TFT Screen, 800 x 480 pixels, 60 Hz
Measurement methodsSingle-echo, echo-echo, multi-echo
TransmitterFreqeuncy0.5 - 10 MHz (- 30 MHz optional)
PulseNegative rectangle (single pulse)
Pulse width20 to 500 ns, in steps of 10 V
Amplitude0 to 400 V, in steps of 10 V
Output impedance50 Ohm, 400 Ohm
ReceiverDynamic Range110 dB
Amplifier bandwidth0.2 to 25 MHz
Input Impedance500 Ohm (in T/R-mode)
Probe connectors2x LEMO (IP 67 compliant)
Scan20 to 100 MSps @ 12/14 Bit
Software options

V/W errror correction

Floating gates

Subsequent measurement of frozen A-scan

Backwall echo attenuation via extra gate

Time encoded B-scan option

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