Luftultraschallprüfung in Luft- und Raumfahrt

Air-coupled Ultrasonic Testing


Compared to conventional and water-coupled immersion or squirter technology, air-coupled ultrasonic testing is carried out contact-free and without any liquid coupling agent. Complex water inlets and outlets as well as lengthy and costly drying steps afterwards are eliminated. Many components cannot be wetted with liquid coupling due to material or production-dependent properties, because they would otherwise swell, peel, corrode or otherwise be destroyed. Existing systems with liquid coupling also require complicated water supply and drainage as well as lengthy and costly drying processes.

Air-coupled ultrasonic testing is particularly suitable for testing composites (GRP and CFRP), which are used in many industrial sectors such as aerospace. SONOTEC has established itself on the global market as a specialist for air-coupled ultrasonic testing. Our technologies and air-coupled ultrasonic probes are already successfully used in the production of aircraft components.

More information on air-coupled ultrasonic testing can be found here.

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