App for Steam Trap Testing


    • Test and evaluate steam traps quickly and inexpensively
    • Special app for the SONAPHONE in combination with the BS20 ultrasonic and temperature sensor
    • Reduce steam losses and increase energy efficiency
    • Avoid water hammer and improve operational safety
    • Intuitive operation via touch display
    • Optimized workflow
    • In combination with the DataSuite software platform: route planning | trending | analysis

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    SteamExpert - Application-Specific Software for Steam Trap Testing

    Defective steam traps have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of a steam system and, in the worst case, can cause dangerous water hammer and unplanned failure. With the SteamExpert app, steam traps of all types and brands can be tested quickly and inexpensively. The app was specially developed for the digital ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE in combination with the ultrasonic and temperature sensor BS20. The tester is guided intuitively through the test process and at the end has a reliable result on the condition of their steam traps in his hand. In combination with the DataSuite software, the tests can be planned in the form of routes and the results can be comprehensively analyzed and evaluated.

    Optimize your maintenance and save time!

    • Define the steam trap type
    • Enter pressure and emissivity
    • Measure the temperature and compare it with the expected temperature
    • Record broadband ultrasonic signals
    • Representation in the spectrogram
    • Trend analysis
    • Condition assessment directly on site
    • Add photos, text notes, and voice memos to the test point
    • Define the location of the steam trap
    • Create reports with just a few clicks
    • Test during plant uptime and in noisy industrial environments

    DataSuite - Software Platform for Planning and Evaluating your Steam Traps

    • Plan routes and create condensate system in the software
    • Documentation of the steam trap type
    • Define inspection cycles and threshold
    • Traffic light function for condition assessment
    • Analysis and evaluation with trend diagram as well as time signal and spectrogram
    • Define maintenance actions

    Steam Trap Losses - What it costs you?

    Experts assume that around 15 to 20 percent of steam generated is lost through leaking steam traps. With only one leaky steam trap (thermodynamic bimetal, DN25, system pressure 11 barg) approx. 22 kg of steam per hour and thus approx. 190 t per year are lost (with 8,400 operating hours per year). With production costs of € 35 / t, this loss adds up to around € 6,600 per year.