Steam Trap & Valve Inspection

The regular inspection of valves and steam traps is essential for preventive maintenance. The early detection of steam trap leaks or fails and signs of wear leads to increased operational reliability, and considerable cost savings.The ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE is used for steam trap and valve inspections in many branches of industry. The variety of devices in the range and the extensive accessories available enable this range of devices to be used for a multitude of various applications. The SONAPHONE devices can be used for the testing of the functionality of any type of steam trap e.g. for float, thermodynamic and thermostatic traps or for valves in systems with a flow of steam. The device enables the control of the proper functionality of steam traps and also allows an estimation of any losses of steam within the system.The functionality of steam traps and valves is tested by analysing the typical ultrasound and temperature of the respective installation.

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Video Steam Trap Inspection with SONAPHONE

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the new device class for preventive maintenance

ultrasound, inspection, leak, detector

for use in areas with risk of explosion


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