Ultrasonic air bubble sensor SONOCHECK ABD

Air Bubble Detection

The smart SONOCHECK sensors are applied in various fields within the medical industry, the biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical sector, food and beverage, semiconductor industry or process control and automation. Which particular sensor to choose, depends on the actual application. The sensors can detect bubbles, air in line, microbubbles or foam, but can also be applied as level detectors.

Applications & White Paper

Bubble sensors for use in medical devices
Bubble sensors for use in biotechnology and life sciences applications
Bubble sensors for use in the semiconductor industry

Bubble Detection with Sonocheck Sensors

SONOCHECK air bubble sensors incorporate intelligent ultrasonic transmission technology and innovative safety concepts in order to provide maximum sensor reliability. The different safety features comprise

  • redundant sensors with two receivers and electronics,
  • single channel design where the sensor performs cyclical self-tests and
  • advanced fails-safe architecture where self-test routines are continuously performed without having any blind-times.

Detailed Product Information

SONOCHECK ABD05 | Bubble Detector

SONOCHECK ABD05 | Bubble Detector
...for the reliable detection of bubbles in medical applications requiring fail-safe operation



SONOCHECK ABD06 | Bubble Detector

SONOCHECK ABD06 | Bubble Detector
...for the monitoring of liquids in industrial applications

SONOCHECK ABD07 | Bubble Detector

SONOCHECK ABD07 | Bubble Detector
...the miniaturized air bubble sensor with an outstanding price-performance ratio

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