Flow & Bubble Sensors for Medical Technology
Sensors for Flow Measurement & Air Bubble Detection for Biotechnology & Life Sciences
SONOFLOW CO.55 Clamp-On Sensor for Flow Measurement

Non-invasive Fluid Monitoring

To monitor fluids in flexible tubes plays an important role in a large number of applications with highest sterility and hygiene requirements. High-precision sensors are thus key components in medical technology and are applied to processes in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and the semiconductor industry, among others. The sensors are used for measuring, monitoring and controlling flow velocities, flow rates and dosing processes, but also for detecting air bubbles and foam in liquid-filled tubings, or as full/empty detectors.

Level monitoring in drip chambers and medical home applications as well as the detection of blood leaks in dialysis machines are further application areas.

Ultrasonic level sensors are designed to be applied in a wide range of industrial processes enabling level measurement of liquids and a continuous detection of filling & limit levels in rigid lines as well as at vessels and containers of different sizes and geometries.

Detailed Information

Flow Rate Measurement

Flow Rate Measurement
...non-invasive flow rate measurement of liquids with SONOFLOW sensors

Aiir Bubble Detection

Air Bubble Detection
...contactless detection of air bubbles with sensors of the SONOCHECK series

Flow-Bubble Measurement

Flow-Bubble Measurement
...combining highly-accurate flow measurement with bubble detection

Level Detection

Level Detection
...non-invasive level monitoring of liquids in medtech and industrial applications

Blood Leak Detection

Blood Leak Detection
...detect smallest amounts of blood in clear liquids with the blood leak detector BLD

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