Our ergonomically designed, in manufactory work individually produced probes are used for locating objects accurately as well as for safe evaluation of material defects and discontinuities within components and test objects. Decisive for extraordinary acoustic properties of the probe are the characteristics of the transducer.

With a strong R&D department and an own production forpiezo-composites we are able to offer efficient probes as well as implement variable solutions fast and flexible. The quality of ultrasonic probes is mainly defined by their invisible properties. Probes are characterized by technical specifications like nominal frequency, bandwidth, and the diameter of transducer. However, only the long-term stability of these parameters is a sign for the reliability and quality of probes.

Additional requirements are set in specific applications by environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, and resistance to media. To make sure that the various probes cope with the particular measuring tasks, all technical data of the SONOSCAN probes is specified in very close tolerance limits.

In order to ensure a high quality every probe manufactured at SONOTEC has to pass a strict quality control. The evaluation of measuring data enables us to restrict our tolerance range to a smaller extent. So, we can steadily increase the precision of our probes and create more accurate products for our customers.


Probe Catalogue for NDT7.13 MB

Detailed Product Information

SONOSCAN Straight Beam Probes
Robust Pulse-Echo Probes

SONOSCAN Dual-Element Probes
Dual Element Probes with two separated elements

SONOSCAN Angle Beam Probes
For weld inspection

SONOSCAN Immersion Probes
For partially and full automated NDT

SONOSCAN CF Air-coupled Probes
For contact free testing with air-coupled ultrasound

SONOSCAN Quick Change Probes
According to north american standard

According to north american standard

Customized Probes
Innovation solutions for indiviual inspection tasks

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