Non-destructive Testing

Innovative solutions

The most widely used method in nondestructive testing (NDT) is ultrasonic testing.

This method of material testing is mainly used in the following industries:

Oil and GasRail industry
AutomotiveShip building
Heavy industryLightweight construction

Conventional ultrasonic testing

Our ultrasonic testing solutions are mainly used for weld seam testing or thickness measurements. Ultrasonic testing reliably detects voids, inclusions and other factors that reduce quality and durability. In addition, signs of wear and corrosion on storage tanks, containers, pipes and pipelines as well as machines and components can be detected quickly and accurately. Thus, NDT makes a considerable contribution to quality control and to the prevention of accidents.

Innovative technologies: Air-coupled ultrasound & Phased-Array

SONOTEC has developed world's first air-coupled phased-array ultrasound system SONOAIR®. This allows a completely non-contact testing of highly attenuating materials such as composites, CFRPs, ceramics and much more.


Flaw detection

Thickness measurement
...SONOWALL series

Air-coupled ultrasonic testing
...Phased-Array system SONOAIR®

Application Notes

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