The SONOFLOW Principle – 3D Animation Film Presents Modular and Smart Sensoring with Flow Sensors

Non-Invasive Fluid Montoring Sonoflow Principle

The video dynamically draws attention to the SONOFLOW PRINCIPLE – in less than 100 seconds. Fast cuts highlight the modular sensor concept, create a modern look & feel, and underline the combination of image and product video.

The SONOFLOW PRINCIPLE aims at a modular and smart measurement with the flow sensors – the same way as the users need it for their respective application. Right at the beginning, the “pains” of the addressed target group are taken up: Challenges in the measurement of precise flow rates in bioprocess applications. The focus is then on the “gains” of the targeted audience and the viewer is captivated by the self-confident audiovisual production.

In addition to the presentation of the outstanding features of the SONOFLOW CO.55 sensors such as the flexible modular design and the electronics board integrated in the housing, the variable sensor setup is a central element. The supported process environments as well as the emphasis on field-proven expertise in relevant biotech applications round off the animated film.

With the 3D video, SONOTEC is consolidating its position as a solution provider for highly precise non-invasive flow measurement with ultrasound. Particularly in biotechnology, the extremely precise and non-contact measurement on flexible tubes with the flow sensor SONOFLOW CO.55 is a crucial element. The modular design and multiple interfaces for process integration make the sensor a smart measuring device.

The SONOFLOW Principle – Modular Smart Sensoring the Way You Really Need It!