SONAPHONE DataSuite & AssetExpert: The central data hub for SONAPHONE ultrasonic testing devices

Maintenance Data Suite Asset Expert Launch

Asset health becomes progressively important and thus a strategic corporate goal. The principles of Industry 4.0 to optimize processes, to increase operational safety and availability, and to improve energy efficiency are said to be one of the most important drivers to realize sustainable industrial growth objectives. Under these requirements, a data driven architecture to cross-connect mobile and/or stationary hardware with a sophisticated software environment and mobile app-based solutions to control and priories maintenance activities is of upmost importance.

As in the age of Industry 4.0 the requirements on technical solutions used to optimize processes and to increase operational reliability and plant availability are changing rapidly, SONOTEC drives the SONAPHONE world towards continual improvement keeping the tool a future-proof solution.

The state-of-the-art digital ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE supports customers in fulfilling maintenance tasks in a number of various fields. The new modular software platform SONAPHONE DataSuite provides a data-driven central hub to organize maintenance processes and to ensure comprehensive data exchange with several SONAPHONE devices.

The SONAPHONE DataSuite is designed as an advanced web application and data display determined to use in desktop, server or cloud environments. The software comprises a modern asset tree and route planning tool representing all relevant assets and measuring points in the facility for optimally scheduling of maintenance activities.

Further to this, the software allows displaying data and analyzing asset health figures using thresholds, monitoring status displays, and trending parameters. Measuring point details and key indicators are directly processed into user-friendly dashboard reports. An integrated data analyzer enables complex documentation tasks and ensures tracking of maintenance activities.

The SONAPHONE AssetExpert is the specialized mobile app to upgrade SONAPHONE testing devices for route-based data capturing and onsite inspection and evaluation of asset health. The app assures an easy synchronization with the central SONAPHONE DataSuite software hub and supports multiple applications and quantities, Thus, AssetExpert contributes an essential part of the overall SONAPHONE environment.

At the maintenance 2020 in Dortmund, SONOTEC celebrates the launch of the new SONAPHONE product innovations. Visitors are invited to experience detailed product demonstrations of the SONAPHONE DataSuite and the SONAPHONE.

The German ultrasound specialist will be exhibiting at booth E25-4.