Customer Reviews

SONOTEC is proud to count amongst its customers numerous companies from various branches of industry. We are delighted at the success of our co-operations with our clients, which stretch back many years. We wanted to make this known on our website and have therefore asked several of our partners to give us their personal opinions on our products and services.

Our customers on our products for preventive maintenance

Pascal Schulte, responsible for mechanical maintenance at Fortum Service Deutschland GmbH, on our SONAPHONE E:

“There are many devices that check only steam traps. The SONAPHONE can be used for various applications and assists us greatly during the daily maintenance work. Another advantage is that inspections can be performed incredibly fast. Now we can reliably test a valve within a minimum of time. From us the SONAPHONE gets only top grades.”

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Our customer on our NDT products

Sven Fromm, Managing Director of Clever Marine Services Ltd, on our NDT products:

“Clever Marine Services Ltd uses the SONOWALL 60 from SONOTEC for the UTM services and the SONOSCREEN ST10 for weld and material inspections of ferrous metals. Clever Marine Services Ltd has decided to use the SONOTEC UT-devices because of their superior manufacturing quality such as the full metal casing of the devices and the accuracy of measurement as well as the uncomplicated and simple use of the SONOTEC UT-devices and the very good aftersales service provided by SONOTEC.”

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Our customers on our sensors for fluid monitoring

Jeff Poland, President and CEO at Century HLM, on our air bubble sensors:

“We started with SONOTEC's ABD05 series sensor. After our research and interview process SONOTEC had the only sensor capable of meeting 60601 3rd edition specifications for a fail-safe free hanging non-intrusive arterial line air detector sensor. The sensor is capable of seeing any significant air bubbles and with their patented algorithm that adjusts to tubing conditions makes the sensor very accurate, reducing false alarms that can be annoying and disruptive to clinical operators.

I look forward to working with SONOTEC on our next sensor project to include flow sensing as well as air detection in the same sensor.”

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