Fill level monitoring

Fill Level Monitoring

The contactless monitoring of fluid fill levels plays an important role in many areas of process measurement and automation. Ultrasonic fill level sensors are used for many applications, including when dealing with high pressures, aggressive substances or strict purity requirements.

The sensors are fixed on the outside of the tank or container, have no contact with the medium being monitored and are therefore not subject to any wear. In addition to various probes and compact sensors, we also manufacture modular systems and specially designed variants of our standard models for use in areas with risk of explosion.

In order to accurately determine fill level it is essential to firstly predetermine certain specific factors, such as e.g. the properties of the container and of the liquid it contains. Together with you, as our client, we will analyse your specific measurement requirements in order to design and realise the optimum customer-specific solution for your application.

Examples of applications

  • Fill level measurement of main coolant pipeline (centre loop measurement)
  • Odoriser monitoring
  • Fill level monitoring for 'sunken' bulk materials
  • Monitoring of membrane pumps

Detailed Product Information

for the detection of levels within pressure accumulators and hydraulic cylinders

for full/empty level measurement, especially in thin tubes

for the monitoring of liquids in industrial applications


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