SONOCHECK ALD | Drip Chamber Sensor

Clamp-on Sensor for Level Detection at Drip Chambers

Ultrasonic sensor for drip chambers SONOCHECK ALD01Ultrasonic drip chamber sensor SONOCHECK ALD02Ultrasonic sensor for drip chambers SONOCHECK ALD02
Ultrasonic sensor for drip chambers SONOCHECK ALD01Ultrasonic drip chamber sensor SONOCHECK ALD02Ultrasonic sensor for drip chambers SONOCHECK ALD02


  • Non-invasive measurement at drip chambers
  • No false alarm for foam
  • Single and dual channel
  • Suitable for every drip chamber
  • No wear and tear
  • Built-in electronics, no external electronic board required
  • Compliant with safety standard IEC 60601-1

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The contactless drip chamber sensor SONOCHECK ALD monitors the liquid level in infusion therapy, dialysis or parenteral nutrition. Small foamy bubbles are ignored by the clamp-on sensor.

There are two configurations of the ultrasonic sensor available:

  • The SONOCHECK ALD01 is a single-channel sensor with one measuring point which monitors reliably a specified liquid level.
  • The two-channel SONOCHECK ALD02 detects levels that vary between a minimum and a maximum value.

Both versions can be adapted customer-specific and reliably meet the safety requirements of the international standard IEC 60601-1 for medical electrical devices.

Design and dimensions of the sensors depend, inter alia, on the diameter and material of the drip chamber used. By adapting the sensors a high degree of usability is maintained. On request, the ultrasonic sensor can be equipped with an easy closing lid which ensures a secure hold of the drip chamber. The electronics are integrated into the compact non-invasive sensor.

Certified according to ISO 13485, we support you with the documentation necessary for the approval of medical devices. In addition to our standard products for monitoring the liquid level at drip chambers, we also manufacture customer-specific solutions.

Customer Reviews

Jeff Poland, President and CEO at Century HLM, on our air bubble sensors:

“We started with SONOTEC's ABD05 series sensor. After our research and interview process SONOTEC had the only sensor capable of meeting 60601 3rd edition specifications for a fail-safe free hanging non-intrusive arterial line air detector sensor.” [Read more]

Jochen Hübner, R&D and Quality Management Representative at Herrmann Apparatebau GmbH, on our Air Bubble Sensors:

“When searching for a suitable sensor our engineers came across SONOTEC. We chose the air bubble detector ABD06 of the SONOCHECK-series – in a customized version. The small size and the approved safety functions were the main reasons that spoke for the sensor.” [Read more]

Technical Data

Measurement principle


Drip chamber

Outer diameter: to be defined
Material: Plastics

Response time

50 ms

Power supply

+5 ± 0,5 VDC
≤ 40 mA

Operating temperature

5 to 60 °C




Safety requirements: IEC 60601-1
EMC: IEC 60601-1-2
Biological compatibility: DIN EN 61157


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  • Infusion
  • Dialysis
  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Pharmaceutical industry


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