SONOTEC Flow Bubble Measurement with SONOFLOW Sensors

Ultrasonic Flow-Bubble Sensors

Ultrasonic Flow-Bubble sensors combining highly accurate flow measurement with bubble detection features become a vital topic both for medical device manufacturers and in industries processing flexible flow systems such as in biotechnical, life science and pharmaceutical lab and production processes.

Flow-Bubble sensors of the SONOFLOW series feature easy-to-integrate plug & play properties and are simply clamped on the tubes without any media contact. The integrated electronics board makes the sensors to be easyly connected into (existing) data infrastructures.

Detailed Product Information

SONOFLOW CO.56/CO.56 Pro | FlowBubble Sensor

SONOFLOW CO.56/CO.56 Pro |
FlowBubble Sensor

...for combind flow-bubble measurement in medical applications

User Report about combined Flow Bubble Sensors in Medical Devices

Sonoflow CO.56 Pro in Heart Lung Machines

FlowBubble Sensor

...and its application to heart-lung-machines

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