SONOFLOW Sensors and Data Management Systems

SONOFLOW Sensors and Data Management Software Systems
SONOFLOW Sensors and Data Management Software Systems


    • Integration of SONOFLOW sensors into the end-to-end bioprocess data management software Mystro®
    • Optimal data logging & management supporting new challenges regarding efficiency, product quality and safety as well as regulatory aspects

    SONOTEC and One Hill Solutions have partnered to provide the bioprocess industry unprecedented real-time bioreactor monitoring and control. The biomanufacturing industry faces new challenges to produce products more efficiently and with better quality.

    Regulatory requirements are driving an increase in better data collection and management

    With the integration of SONOTEC’s flow sensors SONOFLOW CO.55 and SONOFLOW IL.52 into the end-to-end bioprocess data management software Mystro®, it is now possible to implement addition levels of real-time action and flow measurement control for improved process optimization.

    SONOFLOW Flow SensorsMystro® Automated Data Management Software
    • Instantaneous flow rate measurement in real time
    • Volume totalization
    • SONOFLOW CO.55 clamp-on sensors with no media contact to maintain sterility
    • SONOFLOW IL.52 inline sensors measure flows as low as 0.5 ml/min and can be CIP, SIP or autoclaved for sterility
    • Seamless data integration from all bioreactors, analyzers and peripheral devices into one central location
    • Gather instantaneous data from bioreactor, analyzer and further critical process parameters
    • Make real-time decisions based on timely, quantifiable and actionable information
    • Analyze data for process optimization

    Screenshot of the Mystro® Software with integrated SONOFLOW Sensor monitoring

    SONOFLOW ultrasonic clamp-on & inline flow sensors...Integrating flow measurement with Mystro® software enables...
    • Allow visualization of the flow measurement and accurate instantaneous flow and volume measurements
    • Can be calibrated on-site and adjusted for specific customer application parameters
    • Are designed to feature typical bioprocessing applications including volume dosing for batch or fed-batch processes, monitoring flow rates for perfusion applications, measuring flow on harvest lines or TFF/ATF systems
    • Automated dosing for batch or fed-batch systems based on critical process parameters
    • Better control of perfusion flow rates by creating pump feedback control loops
    • To adjust dosing or perfusion rates based on instantaneous data in real time
    • Ease of automation vs. traditional scales for volume measurement
    • Analyses of flow rate and volume data for process optimization

    Benefits at a glance

    Integrating SONOTEC’s flow measurement with Mystro® data management software allows additional benefits

    • Pushing flow measurement data directly to electronic lab notebook, LIMS or statistical analysis software
    • Setting up alarms for flow or volume
    • Viewing live trends and/or pre-existing data remotely
    • Generating reports in real time

    Further product information

    Flow Sensor SONOFLOW CO.55

    SONOFLOW CO.55 | Clamp-On Sensor
    ...for non-invasive flow measurement at flexible tubes

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