SONOWALL 70 High temperature corrosion testing

A large part of ultrasonic thickness and corrosion measurements is carried out on hot test objects. These are mainly hot pipes in oil, gas and petrochemical industrial plants. Maximize your plant availability and productivity with the SONOWALL 70 high temperature test set.
The SONOWALL 70 High Temperature Corrosion Kit enables high temperature corrosion testing during operation with innovative ultrasonic technologies for manual inspections up to 550 °C.

Complete Kit

  • SONOWALL 70 - High-End A-/B-scan thickness gage with powerful pulser up to 400 V
  • Temperature compensation - Function for automatic adjustment of the sound velocity of hot test objects
  • SONSOCAN TS5H Ultrasonic Probe - for precise high temperature measurements up to 550°C including armoured cable and handle extension
  • SONOGRID Corrosion Management Software - for efficient collection of linear/2D/3D matrix data
  • Heavy Duty Impact Protector Set - for maximum protection against shocks and drops


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