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Pulse Echo and Dual Element Probes

SONOSCAN straight beam probes for non-destructive testing (NDT) have been designed to test materials, primarily metals and plastics, for the smallest of material defects. Example applications are the detection of fusion defects in soldered joints, welding defects and cracks as well as the identification of porosity in metal components.

Pulse Echo Probes are designed for universal use. They detect smallest, deep-seated material defects. The flexible protective membrane ensures an optimal coupling to rough surfaces. For slippery or sharp-edged surfaces the application of models with a wear resistant protective layer are ideal.
Dual Element Probes detect even the smallest material errors near the surface precisely. They are particularly suitable for the detection of lamination flaws and to measure thin wall thicknesses.

The efficient and robust ultrasonic transducers comply with DIN EN 12668-2.
In addition to our standard products, we also manufacture customer-specific solutions.

Product Features

  • Excellent acoustic characteristics
  • Unique ergonomic design ensures ease of use and effortless working
  • Suitable for DGS evaluation
  • Made in Germany

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