SONOTEC® becomes member of the industry association Silicon Saxony

SONOTEC® intensifies Semiconductor market processing – German ultrasound specialist becomes part of Silicon Saxony e. V., with more than 350 members one of the largest microelectronics and IT clusters in Germany and Europe.

SONOTEC® holds a world leading position in ultrasonic-based solutions for liquid flow monitoring on flexible and rigid tube systems. In the strict quality management of  the semiconductor industry, companies increasingly ask for options to optimize their related processes.  Non-contact flow meters and bubble detectors can monitor and control liquid flow processes - without any risk of leakage or contamination. The advantages of a measurement directly through the tube or plastic pipe without being in contact with applied abrasive, adhesive, corrosive,  and high-purity liquids has proven its worth.

"We want to profitably transfer our experience in the semiconductor market in South East Asia to new regional markets. The Silicon Saxony network with its more than 350 members is well positioned and enables us to promote practical knowledge transfer in the fields of process engineering, science, and marketing.” explains Anika Baumhauer, International Strategy & Sales Manager, responsible for the expansion plans in the company.

With its plans stepping up sales activities in the area of liquid flow monitoring in the semiconductor industry, SONOTEC® benefits substantially from decades of experience in designing non-contact ultrasonic flow sensors for highly sensitive applications in biopharma as well as for medical devices with strict safety regulations. “Thus, certain sensor performance features such as high accuracy real-time instantaneous flow measurements of up to 400 L/min, the implementation of a volume-totalizer, a broad range of standard industrial interfaces, and the expertise in handling a wide range of tubing properties and geometries were successfully be adopted to the SEMIFLOW sensor series. ” adds Baumhauer.