New video series on the SONAPHONE family

The new SONAPHONE family video series explains the advantages of SONAPHONE, SONAPHONE E and SONAPHONE Pocket. The ultrasonic specialist shows typical applications of the devices in predictive maintenance, differences between device types, benefits and accessories.

The aim of modern maintenance management is to optimize processes, minimize energy costs and detect problems early. It is for precisely this purpose that SONOTEC developed the digital ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE. The powerful testing device is used in combination with an airborne sound sensor for the detection and evaluation of leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems as well as for tightness tests. It can also be used to test electrical systems. With the combined structure-borne sound and temperature sensor, the state of machines and systems such as roller bearings, ball bearings or steam traps can also be established.

In potentially dangerous and potentially explosive areas in particular, it is important to detect any problems early and to prevent any downtime. It’s for precisely this reason that SONOTEC developed the SONAPHONE E. With its intrinsically safe design, the mobile ultrasonic testing device is also approved for use in potentially explosive areas.

Video: SONAPHONE Pocket
The smallest device in the SONAPHONE family is used in predictive maintenance primarily for leak detection on compressed air, gas and vacuum systems. Around 30% of the energy used for compressed air is lost due to leaks. With the SONAPHONE Pocket, you can detect invisible problem areas quickly and easily.