SONOWALL 70 - Compact Ultrasonic A-/B-Scan Wall Thickness Gage

The SONOWALL 70 allows two modes of operation. In addition to the numerous possible uses as a wall thickness gage, it can also be expanded to a flaw detector by means of a software update. Thus, the ultrasonic measuring device is also suitable for checking weld seams and detects invisible cracks, inclusions, discontinuities, blowholes and other discontinuities in metals, plastics, ceramics and composite materials.

Key features SONOWALL 70:

  • Corrosion module incl. grid - no manual sketches and data storage needed anymore
  • SONO-ID - Intelligent probe recognition including saved setups
  • 990g lightweight, carrying strap and flip screen for comfortable use
  • Upgrade to flaw detector possible

Watch our video “How to perform a corrosion measurement with SONOWALL 70” on youTube https://www.youtube.com/user/SONOTECGmbH

Wall Thickness Gage

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