SONOTEC at COMPAMED 2016: Sensors by SONOTEC for Contactless Flow Measurement

In medical technology many sensitive fluids are used that should be contaminated under no circumstances. The flow rate of medicines and blood preparations has to be monitored with utmost care as well. At this point, sensors are on demand that give precise measurement values without being in contact with the corresponding medium.

The contactless SONOFLOW sensors by SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH fulfill exactly this task. They are made of different materials on request (e.g. aluminum, stainless steel, plastics) and are simply clamped on the tube with the flowing medium. In this way the fluid could not been contaminated by the sensor housing. The sensor, in turn, has not to be sterilized. Therefore the SONOFLOW sensors are especially suited for applications with strict hygienic requirements.

The handling of the ultrasonic sensors is simple: An external electronic board is not needed as the electronic signal processing unit is directly integrated into the housing of the sensor.

The clamp-on sensors of the SONOFLOW series are applicable for various tubing types and materials, for example PVC, silicone, PFA or PTFE. They are available for different tubing diameters and can be customized to individual applications on request.

In addition to the approved features – like fast measurement of pulsating and bi-directional flow rates – SONOTEC equipped the sensor SONOFLOW CO.55 in the version 2.0 with a volume switch. The flow meter is now able to perform small control tasks. It can even stop a connected dosing pump after a predefined amount of liquid passed through the tube.

Besides the flow sensor series SONOTEC offers the combined sensor SONOFLOW CO.56. This sensor is able to measure the flow rate by simultaneously detecting air bubbles in the flowing liquid.

Visit SONOTEC from November 14 to 17 at COMPAMED in hall 8A at booth N08.

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