With Integrated Data Logger for Recording Individual and Serial Testing


  • Integrated data logger
  • Multifunctional testing device
  • Easy handling
  • Data transfer between device and computer

Fields of Application:

  • Leak Detection on Compressed Air Systems
  • Early warning of Bearing Failure & Lubrication
  • Valve and Steam Trap Inspection

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The SONAPHONE M is designed for the rapid, reliable and cost-effective detection of seal failures and the smallest of leaks within compressed air systems and networks, vacuum systems, industrial equipment and machinery and covered pipes with restricted access. The ultrasonic detection device enables the early detection and avoidance of potential damages and resulting cost savings.

The regular inspection of engines, pumps and gearing using the SONAPHONE M leads to increased operational reliability and guarantees a higher degree of availability of machinery. By means of the flow noise the inspection of the leak tightness of valves, slide valves and steam traps is possible. The option of an additional ultrasonic transmitter allows the control of the leak tightness of windows, doors, cabins and devices with little additional expense. 

Defect induced noises and wear to various machinery components and rotating machinery can be recorded electronically. In addition to all individual and serial testing procedures, all irregularities can be transferred to a PC online and presented and archived in graphic and tabular format. An efficient integrated data logger enables the rapid transfer of data between the device and your computer via a USB interface.

The addition of an optional temperature sensor allows the measurement and simultaneous recording of surface temperatures of up to 800 °C. The SONAPHONE M has a user-friendly display and PC software with logical menu navigation.

Technical Data

Transmission frequency

Approx. 40 kHz


190 x 110 x 85 mm


Ultrasonic sensor
Temperature sensor
USB interface (USB 2.0)


Graphical display with Background lighting

Temperature Measurement Range

0 ... 800 °C


Approx. 650 g

Operating temperature

-10 °C … +60°C

Storage temperature

-20 °C … +60°C






Air-borne probe L 50

for SONAPHONE R, RD, K and M
Applications: leak detection, proof of seal failures

Contact Probe L 51

for SONAPHONE R, RD, K and M
Applications: inspection of valves, slide and safety valves

Contact Probe L 52

for SONAPHONE R, RD, K and M
Applications: testing of steam traps, inspection of rotating machines

Flexible air-borne sound probe L 53

for SONAPHONE R, RD, K and M
Applications: leak detection at places, difficult to access

Contact Probe L 54

for SONAPHONE R, RD, K and M
Applications: inspection of rotating machines

Parabolic Dish SONOSPOT

for SONAPHONE R, RD, K and M
Applications: precise detection of leaks or partial discharges over long distances

Spherical Transmitter SONOSPHERE for SONAPHONE T

Accessories: stand, magnetic and suction holder
Applications: leak testing of cabins and containers (in combination with SONAPHONE T and SONAPHONE R, RD, K and M)

Application Set Steam Trap Testing for SONAPHONE K/M consisting of:

body sound probe L 52 with stainless steel tip
surface temperature sensor (Tmax = 800°C)
extension cable for the temperature sensor

Application Set Leak Detection for SONAPHONE R/RD/K/M consisting of:

separate air ultrasonic probe L 50
extension cable
directional tube with tip, to pinpoint leakages precisely
Acoustic horn for air ultrasonic probe L 50
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