For the Reliable Detection of Air Bubbles in Medical Applications Requiring Fail-Safe Operation

The SONOCHECK air bubble sensors of type ABD05 detect air and gas bubbles in fluid-filled tubes and drip chambers. These intelligent sensors can be used for the monitoring of fluids as well as for wet/dry alarm notifications.

The non-invasive ABD05 has been specifically developed for very high safety requirements in medical technology products. The compact design allows the sensor to be used for applications with high hygienic requirements. The tube is simply inserted into the sensor with dry coupling, this enables a quick and uncomplicated changeover. The air-in-line sensors automatically adapts to dynamically changing acoustic conditions. This guarantees a high degree of measurement stability despite fluctuations in the surrounding environment.

The SONOCHECK sensors have a user-specific programmable micro-controller with extendable functionalities, such as e.g. fail-safe, serial communication or response time. The optimized safety concept leads to maximum reliability and patient safety. The air bubble detectors can be adapted for individual tube sizes and other specifications, such as power supply, materials characteristics and signal output.

In addition to our standard sensors, we can also manufacture customer-specific solutions.

Product Features

  • Non-invasive measurement
  • No coupling medium required
  • No external electronic board required
  • Fail-safe version available
  • No wear and tear


  • Dialysis and transfusions
  • Heart-lung machines
  • Blood separators
  • Infusion and heart pumps
  • Feeding pumps
  • Contrast medium pumps
  • Diagnostic systems

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