Inspection System SONOAIR

Contact-free Material Testing with Air-coupled Ultrasound

Already during the material development of modern composite materials such as glass or carbon fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP, CFRP) and ceramics it is necessary to detect internal structures and discontinuities fast and reliably.

Research institutes, industrial development laboratories and quality assurance departments of production facilities highly appreciate a contactless, high resolution inspection. The performance of the transmitter receiver system is very important to penetrate these highly attenuating materials. The ultrasonic transducers, the scanning area and the software can be adapted to the specific geometry and material composition of the test object.

These high requirements can be fulfilled with the new and modular SONOAIR inspection system for laboratory and quality assurance applications.

Product Features

  • Air-coupled, contactless, couplant free
  • Up to 4 measurement channels with freely configurable square wave burst transmitter and low noise receiving amplifier
  • Inspection of highly attenuating materials
  • High resolution due to the use of focusing transducers
  • High-performing probes "Made in Germany"
  • Upgradeable and adaptable system due to the modular concept
  • On site system setup and detailed product training by our experts

Materials, Compounds & Structures

  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP)
  • Wood, cellulose and natural fibers
  • Plastics
  • Thin metals sheets
  • Adhesive bonds
  • Honeycomb structures
  • Foams and foam compounds
  • Natural fiber mats, structural composites of lumber and adhesives as well as chipboard sheets

Extensive Software Library SONOSTUDIO

  • Display of the measurement results as A-, B-, C- or D-Scan
  • Storage of the complete A-scans for every measurement point during the testing process
  • Repositioning of the measurement gates after the inspection
  • Individual signal processing algorithms (e.g. for filters)

Screenshot Software SONOSTUDIO

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