For Level Measurement on Drip Chambers

With the clamp-on-sensor SONOCHECK ALD, SONOTEC offers a non-invasive ultrasonic solution for level monitoring on drip chambers applied in dialysis machines or parenteral nutrition.

The ALD sensors are a modification of the existing SONOCHECK ABD sensor series. However, they do not detect single air bubbles but the liquid levels in drip chambers.  “As a matter of fact, the SONOCHECK ALD sensors are parameterized in such a way that they ignore small bubbles. However, they switch at the separating layer between air and fluid, regardless of foam on the liquid surface”, explains Peter Koedderitzsch, product manager ”Medical and Laboratory Technology” at SONOTEC. Every drip chamber requires an individual ALD sensor, adjusted to the application specific requirements. The sensor can be installed freely hanging between reservoir tank and the pump or can be integrated into medical devices.

Application Specific Sensors

SONOTEC offers the drip chamber sensor ALD in two versions: The ALD01 is designed for the precise detection of one defined liquid level. The ALD02 detects the exact liquid level between a defined minimal and a maximum value. The dual channel ALD02 effectively consists of two individual sensors joined together. The sensor construction depends on the drip chamber diameter and material as well as on the actual medium. A great advantage of the sensor is the possibility to change parameter settings, such as electrical outputs. Furthermore, there is the possibility to adjust them individually to safety concepts and power supplies.

Hygienic Use

The contactless liquid level detection and the compact construction of the sensors meet highest hygienic requirements. The sensor is simply clamped on to the drip chamber and connected to the device. Due to SONOTEC’s innovative clamp-on technology a fast and smooth exchange of the drip chamber is guaranteed and no coupling medium is required.

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